Catalog & Licensing

The Sokolow Dance Foundation owns and administers the complete catalogue of Sokolow choreography, which is available for reconstruction to professional companies, youth/children's ensembles and university/college dance companies.

The complete list of repertory and detailed information regarding casting options, structure and length of the work, composer and reviews can be found in the foundation repertory catalogue pages, listed below:

Licensing fees are governed by the length and complexity of the dance and are usually acquired for one year. Other expenses vary with the length of the reconstruction and exclude housing, travel, and per diem for the reconstructor.

"What a wonderful achievement by the University of Minnesota Dance Department and the students dancing there .... and what a wonderful achievement by Lorry May, long time company member of Sokolow's company, who set Rooms on the students. They delivered the work with commitment, understanding and ownership."
John Munger, View Fyndings, Minnesota

Repertory Recently Licensed and Reconstructed by the Sokolow Dance Foundation

Professional Dance Companies

Homage to Alfero Siqueiros
Dakshina/Daniel Singh Dance Company, DC (2011)

Dakshina/Daniel Phoenix Singh Dance Company, DC (2010)

Dakshina/Daniel Phoenix Singh Dance Company, DC (2010)
Danny Grossman Dance Company, Canada  (2003)

Dakshina/Daniel Phoenix Singh Dance Company, DC (2009)
Second Wind Dance Company, VA  (2005)

As I Remember
Dakshina/Daniel Phoenix Singh Dance Company, DC (2008)

September Sonnet
Joseph Cicala (Dandefusion, PA) (2009)
Dakshina/Daniel Phoenix Singh Dance Company, DC (2008)

Lyric Suite
Repertory Dance Theatre, UT (2007)

Evolution of Ragtime
Dancefusion, PA  (2007)

Magritte, Magritte
Atempo Contemporary Dance Ensemble, Switzerland  (2006)

Rooms and Preludes
Dancefusion, PA  (2005)
Buffalo Contemporary Dance Company, NY  (2004)

Rooms and Dreams
Neo-Classic Dance Company, Taiwan  (2005)

Steps of Silence
Repertory Dance Theatre, UT  (2004)

Time + and Quartertones
Dancefusion, PA  (2004)

Kansas City Ballet, KS  (2002)

Ride the Culture Loop, From the Diaries of Franz Kafka, Opus 65
Ballet Independiente, Mexico  (2000, 1996,1994)

Youth/Children's Ensembles & University/College Dance Companies

Ellis Island
Bridgewater State College, MA (2011)

Lyric Suite
Queensborough Community College, NY (2010)

Steps of Silence
Ohio State University, OH  (2008)

Bridgewater State College, MA (2009)
Naugatuck Valley Community College, CT  (2006)
St. Olaf College, MN  (2006)

University of Minnesota, MN  (2006)
Hofstra University, NY  (2005)
New World School of the Arts, FL  (2001)

As I Remember and Four Songs
London Children's Dance Project, Canada  (2005)

Rooms Etude
Brown University, RI (2011)
Dance Theater of Lynchburg, VA  (2005)

University of Washington, WA  (2003)
Boston Conservatory of Music, MA  (2000)

Session for Six
Bridgewater State College, MA (2009)
Barnard College at Columbia University, NYC  (2002)

Everything Must Go
Bridgewater State College, MA (2009)

Ride the Culture Loop
University of Wyoming, WY (2008)
Barnard College at Columbia University, NYC  (2000)