Educational Programs

Bridgewater State University performs Everything Must Go, 2009. To view additional pictures from this performance, click here.

The Sokolow Dance Foundation’s commitment to sharing the creativity and integrity of Anna Sokolow’s choreography is the driving force behind the development of three unique educational programs plus standard residencies and master classes.

Performance Initiative Residency Program

One of Anna Sokolow’s greatest contributions to the modern dance world was the ability to shape and dramatize choreography for large groups of dancers.  The reconstruction and performance of these massive works is the creative foundation of the Performance Initiative Residency Program.  A selected dance will be reconstructed in repertory class, then performed by the students with members of SOKOLOW NOW! . This program is rapidly gaining popularity because of its flexibility in utilizing a greater number of students with varied technical abilities.

"The experience you have given my students is priceless. Thank you for gracing our stage with such powerful work"
Elena Rusnak, Dance Director
Naugatuck Valley Community College, CT

The Sokolow Legacy Workshops

The Sokolow Legacy Workshops are a dance history lesson supported by actual practice within the choreography.  They are comprised of technique classes, Sokolow video lectures and repertory classes.  The workshops are designed to enhance standard curriculum or used as a stand-alone unit of study.

"I love the subject matter of the dances. Her (Sokolow) dance subjects are right up my alley, particularly with Dreams. I felt the whole gamut of emotions."
Louise Laverde, dance student Peridance Center, NYC

Sokolow Etude Program

The etudes, shortened versions of Sokolow masterpieces, are structured to strike a balance between the choreography and the technical capabilities of the students while maintaining the feeling and integrity of the work.  These etudes are generally taught in a workshop setting.  Since traditional dance instruction does not allow for young dancers to experience the work of great choreographers, the Etude Program fills this void.

"I have taken a lot of dance classes, but this is by far the best class I have ever had. What I gained from this class will effect me for the rest of my life and I can then pass this on to my students. This is the real gift you have given to us, that you have not only preserved Anna's works for future dancers, but that you are also creating a generation of dancers that will honor the individual and strive for emotional commitment to movement."
Jean Leavenworth, dance teacher
New York University, NYC

Standard Residencies

The reconstruction of any Sokolow choreography is the heart of the Standard Residency Program. The selected work is taught in repertory class with the option of performance. Technique classes and video lectures with student discussion complete the residency. Performances by SOKOLOW NOW! can be incorporated into any Standard Residency.

"I loved Sokolow's movement, appreciating her lack of ornamentation. The effort required for this simplistic movement was incredible - it draws tremendously upon emotional, physical and mental strength. Lorry May encouraged my dancing to approach a gestalt, an integration - which has been a wonderful shift that will aid my dancing elsewhere."
Ande Welling, dance student
Weber State University, UT

“What a wonderful achievement by the University of Minnesota Dance Department and the students dancing there, and what a wonderful achievement by Lorry May, the long time company member of Sokolow’s company who set Rooms on the students. They delivered the work with commitment, understanding and ownership.”
John Munger. View Findings, MN

Master Classes

The brilliance of Sokolow’s choreography is the basis on which a master class is built. Passages from classic repertory are utilized to teach dynamics through breath and movement through imagination.

"I enjoyed more than anything the improvs and the "mini pieces" that were incorporated into the technique class. It made the whole class about DANCING. Facing the wall rather than the mirror was also challenging for me."
Sharon Reiner, dance student
Peridance Center, NYC

"This is a new technique and movement vocabulary for me. I felt a bit discouraged at first - but am very appreciative for it now.
I have expanded my way of moving and thinking and challenged myself to work in a new way."
Lori Dillion, dance student
University of Wisconsin/Madison, WI


Hofstra university performs Rooms. To view additional pictures from this performance, click here

Recent Workshops and Residencies

Performance Initiative Residency Program


Queensborough Community College, Queens, NY
(Excerpts from Lyric Suite were reconstructed on the students and performed with
SOKOLOW NOW! in a main stage production.)

Bridgewater State College, Bridgewater, MA
(Repertory included Everything Must Go, Session for Six(restaged for 9). Two sections of Dreams
were reconstructed on the students and performed with SOKOLOW NOW! in a main stage production)

Naugatuck Valley Community College, Danbury, CT
(Dreams was reconstructed on the students and performed with SOKOLOW NOW! in a main stage production)

Sokolow Legacy Workshops

Naugatuck ValleyCommunity College, Danbury, CT
(Repertory included sections from Dreams, Ride the Culture Loop, Time +, Rooms and the Rooms Etude)

Weber State University, Ogden, UT
(Repertory included 5 sections from Sokolow's work Rooms and was performed as the Rooms Suite)

2000 - 2001
Peridance Center, NYC
(Repertory included sections from Lyric Suite and Rooms)

Sokolow Etude Program

The following institutions held Sokolow Legacy workshops based on the Rooms Etude.
Franklin & Marshal College, Liegh, PA (2005)
Southwestern College, Chula Viata, CA (2005)
University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL (2004)
Jacksonville University, Jaccksonville, FL (2003)
Limon Institute, NYC (2001)

Standard Residency

University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN
(Rooms was reconstructed on the students plus daily technique classes and a video/lecture series)

University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI
(This Standard Residency included daily technique classes, composition classes, video/lectures and
the reconstruction of sections from Ride the Culture Loop.)

Master Classes

Queensborough Community College, Queens, NY
(based on Sokolow's work Dreams)

Connecticut Dance Alliance Annual Day of Dance Conference, Danbury, CT
(based on Sokolow's work Dreams)

Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
(movement for actors workshop)

Green Street Studio Master Class, Cambridge, MA
(based on Sokolow's work Lyric Suite)

Regional College Dance Festival, New London, CT
(based on Sokolow's work Dreams)

2006 - 2009
National Dance Organization
2009 National Conference in New York City, NY was based on Sokolow's Ride the Culture Loop
2008 National Conference in Towsen, MD  was based on Sokolow's Dreams
2006 National Conference in Long Beach, CA included the reconstruction of the Rooms Etude

Brandeis University, Boston,MA
(based on the Sokolow work Dreams)

Our international Standard Residency program was conducted at the National University of the Arts and Keimyung University, both in South Korea, the Institute del Teatre, Spain, and the National Institute of the Arts, Taiwan.