Welcome to Sokolow Dance Foundation

Sokolow's unique approach to choreography is the core of her legacy. It is through preservation, education, and presentation that the Sokolow Dance Foundation aims to perpetuate this legacy for future generations.


The Sokolow Dance Foundation continually strives to develop its archive by researching and reclaiming repertory from both the public and private sectors. The archive is open to the public for viewing and/or research by appointment only at the Sokolow Dance Foundation facility.


The Sokolow Dance Foundation's commitment to sharing the creativity and integrity of Anna Sokolow's choreography is the driving force behind the development of three unique educational programs plus standard residencies and master classes.


Sokolow Now!, the only performing archival dance company of its kind, keeps Anna Sokolow's extraordinary legacy and vision alive by presenting stunning contemporary theatrical stagings of her original choreography.

The Sokolow Dance Foundation owns and administers the complete catalogue of Sokolow's choreography which is available for reconstruction to professional companies, youth/children's ensembles and university/college dance companies.