Lyrical Dances



(15 minutes)
2 men, 2 women

Music: Alexander Scriabin

"Ballade plays the age old game of youth and its discoveries, with a touching grace and understanding straight out of their own youngness."
Ann Barzel ~ Dance News

Anna Sokolow's Players' Project, NYC
Photo: David Fullard

Four Songs

(10:20 minutes)
large group of women

Nocturn (4:20)
Music: Paul Ben-Haim
Polka (1:15)
Music: Marc Lavry
Love Song (2:45)
Music: Ladino Traditional
The Land of Laltadam (2:00)
Music: Naome Shem

"Essentially a muted ritual for four (or more) women, girlish yet age-old."
Jennifer Dunning ~ New York Times

Anna Sokolow's Players' Project, NYC
Photo: Sally Cohn

Lyric Suite

(30 minutes)
large group work

Music: Alban Berg
* Music rights required 

"It is one of the finest examples of lyric theater dance seen in many a speaks in abstract and stark simplicity, translating the qualitative moods of the music into penetrating and evocative movement designs. Superbly choreographed and thoroughly integrated, its beauty has a direct appeal to kinesthetic response."
Louis Horst ~ Dance Observer

Repertory Dance Theater, UT
Photo: Scott Peterson


(5:30 minutes)
female solo or 2 female solos

Music: Sergei Rachmaninoff

Section 1 (3:30)
Section 2 (2:00)

These joyous solos express the emotional range of two selected Rachmaninoff preludes. The first solo introduces a theme of Sokolow's distinctive dramatic intensity. It is followed by a contrasting dance filled with light, lively variations.

Sokolow Now!, MA
Photo: Paul Bloomfield


(10:35 mintues)
female solo or 3 female solos

Music: Charles Ives
* Music rights required.

Section 1 (3:45)
Section 2 (2:50)
Section 3 (4:00)

"This solo seemed at first to recall Martha Graham's solo works, but with its quick-snap tempo changes and sultryhip-slides to the tangy, disorienting soundscape of a Charles Ives work for quartertone-tuned piano, this piece developed its own distinctive personality."
Miriam Seidel ~ The Inquirer

Dancefusion, PA
Photo: Suellen Haag

Scenes From The Music Of Charles Ives

(20 minutes)
large group piece

Music: Charles Ives
* Music rights required.

Halloween (2:15) large group
Central Park in the Dark (6:50) large group
The Pond and the Cage (5:55) male solo
The Unanswered Question (5:30) large group

"Take the Charles Ives piece, full of gestural images used as steps, loaded with dance metaphors carrying the kinetic weight dance movement. Sokolow's concentration on individual expression is shown perfectly herein a pin-pointed male solo of anguish."
Clive Barnes ~ New York Post

Anna Sokolow's Players' Project, NYC
Photo: David Fullard

September Sonnet

(17 minutes)
male/female duet

Section 1 (5:44) duet
Music: Avro Part
Section 2 (3:52) male solo
Music: Sergei Rachmaninoff
Section 3 (4:11) female solo
Music: Francis Poulenc
Coda (3:09) duet
Music: Robert Schumann

"It was a love duet - though not an ordinary one. Ms. Sokolow avoided choreographically rhyming moon with June or idealizing dewy-eyed youth."
Jack Anderson ~ New York Times

"...pedestrian gestures of reaching and touching evoke powerful feelings of emotional bonding."
Lisa Jo Sagolla, Backstage

Anna Sokolow's Players' Project, NYC
Photo: Ron Williams


(8 minutes)
female solo


Music: Gustav Mahler

Set to the adagio section of Mahler's 5th Symphony, this tour-de force is a delicate, romantic journey that mirrors the cycles of the earth.

Sokolow Now!, MA
Photo: Tom Bowling