Whimsical Dances


Evolution of Ragtime

(20 minutes) male/female duet,
1 narrator, 1 pianist

Music: Ferdinand (Jelly Roll) Morton

"Anna proved that social dance forms have an inherent dramatic power when they are artfully used as an expression of the society that created them."
Clive Barnes ~ New York Times

"One realized that Sokolow possesses a droll sense of humor, and that this 35 year old gem of a dance predates many a social dance takeoff by such artists as Mark Taylor and Twyla Tharpe."
Pamela Sommers ~ Washington Post

Sokolow Now!, MA
Photos: Paul Bloomfield

Session For Six

(8:30 minutes) 5 to 10 dancers

Music: William Cantanzaro

"In the beginning, a sextet pranced about as if performing a takeoff on a ballet class, but then the dancers turned to a sparkling jazz spin off that sent everyone away well satisfied and happy."
Jennie Schulman ~ Back Stage

Bridgewater State College, MA
Photos: Matt Green